Work, work, work, work…
—Gov. Wm. J. Lapetemane
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What was true in the early days of microcomputers is no longer requisite, with the most mundane appliance likely to contain a quad-core 32-bit processor, running a thousand times faster than the those early ones. But that's no excuse not to do it right.

My design philosophy, consistently and concisely applied since the very first creation 46 years ago, is that there is no greater elegance than simplicity.  8 bits are preferred over 16 and 16 over 325 MHz clocks are preferred over 50, and 50 over 500.  Assembly is preferred over C, C is preferred over C++ and object-oriented languages are best avoided altogether.  The elimination of software bloat is the key to eliminating hardware bloat.  The elimination of hardware bloat is the key to creating a product that rises above the cacophony of me-too mediocrity to garner praise for innovation, performance and cost-effectiveness.

Ray M. Ransom
1106 Mount Verdi Road
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